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Elevate Your Business Travel: Boxall Taxis' Corporate Account Services

At Boxall Taxis, we understand that business moves at the speed of efficiency. Introducing our Corporate Account Services – a seamless solution tailored to meet the unique transportation needs of your business. Step into a world where reliability meets professionalism, ensuring that every business trip becomes a smooth and productive journey.

Why Choose Our Corporate Account Services?

Streamlined Booking Process

With Boxall Taxis, corporate travel is simplified. Our user-friendly online platform allows for swift and straightforward booking, ensuring that your executives and employees can schedule rides with ease.

Priority Service

Time is money, and we value both. Our Corporate Account holders enjoy priority service, ensuring that your booked rides receive prompt attention and timely arrivals. Experience the convenience of priority transportation for your business needs.

Flexible Billing Options

We understand the importance of streamlined expense management. Our Corporate Account Services offer flexible billing options, allowing you to consolidate all transportation expenses seamlessly. Receive detailed and organized billing statements for easy tracking and reporting.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each Corporate Account is assigned a dedicated account manager, providing personalized support and ensuring that your business’s unique requirements are met. Enjoy the convenience of a single point of contact for all your corporate travel needs.

Customized Travel Plans

Your business is unique, and so are its travel requirements. We work with you to customize travel plans that align with your corporate objectives. From routine commutes to special events, our Corporate Account Services adapt to your business’s dynamic needs.

Professional Chauffeurs

Our drivers undergo specialized training to cater to corporate clients. Expect professionalism, courtesy, and discretion from our chauffeurs, ensuring that your executives and employees experience a professional and comfortable journey.

How to Set Up Your Corporate Account?


Contact our Corporate Accounts team for a consultation. We’ll discuss your business’s transportation needs and tailor a plan that aligns with your goals.

Account Setup

Our team will assist you in setting up your Corporate Account, providing you with the necessary information, account details, and access to our online booking platform.

Executive Onboarding

For businesses with executives frequently on the move, our team can facilitate an onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition to our Corporate Account Services.

Experience Effortless Business Travel

Join the league of businesses that have transformed their corporate travel experience with Boxall Taxis. With our Corporate Account Services, you’re not just booking transportation; you’re securing a reliable and efficient travel solution for your business. Elevate your corporate travel standards with Boxall Taxis – where every ride is a testament to professionalism and efficiency.

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